Viewers of the American television network Fox News were surprised on Thursday (18) with an interview with 

Kanye West to one of the reporters of the network. The rapper was defending the sale of pieces from 

his clothing collection in black "construction bags" - which some people on social media thought were garbage bags.

Last week, West posted in a note on his Instagram in which he suggested that the pieces from his Yeezy Gap line

were inspired by children and homeless people. "Look at the children... Look at the homeless... As the biggest inspiration for all design," Ye wrote.

In an interview with the Fox & Friends show, the artist refuted the accusations of insensitivity he received after the 

publication. Network correspondent Eric Shawn said that Kanye believes it was "God's plan" for 

him to go on television to clarify his comments. According to the reporter, the rapper felt he was being "misrepresented" and "misinterpreted."

"That's exactly what the media wants us to do, apologize for any idea when something is not exactly the way they want it, they make us apologize," he continued.