After facing backlash for selling his new Yeezy X Gap clothing line in large trash bags, rapper 

and fashion mogul Kanye "Ye" West is defending and clarifying his creative freedom in an exclusive interview with 

Fox News' Eric Shawn. In case you haven't heard, the rapper insisted that his sweatshirts

pants, and other clothing be sold in a garbage bag, with some Twitter users claiming that Kanye

West insisted that employees not help shoppers find their size following the experience he wants to pass on with the sales.

"This is how they're selling Yeezy GAP," one account posted on Monday (August 15), sharing a

photo of clothes dumped on top of a large bag. "The seller said Ye got mad when he saw they had hung it on hangers, that's 

the way he wanted it. They won't help you find [your] size either

you just need to go through everything." the account said, showing a photo of the items thrown on top of large bags.