The list of women Kanye West has been in a relationship with this year only continues to grow. Since his

split from Kim Kardashian late last year, the rapper was in an involvement with Uncut Gems 

actress Julia Fox, which saw her declare herself his "muse" shortly before his sudden split. 

He has also been linked to Bradley Cooper's ex, supermodel Irina Shayk, and spent considerable time with Kardashian's look-alike, Chaney Jones.

Things between Jones and Ye seem to have broken down on Kanye's birthday, and around the same time, he was

seen taking OnlyFans model Monica Corgan to see the new movie "Top Gun" in theaters. 

Since then, it seems that West's main focus is to criticize Adidas and its board members (specifically, Daniel Cherry III) via his Instagram feed.

However, he took a break from his posts to connect with Victoria Secret superstar Candice Swanepoel at New York Fashion 

Week, starting rumors of a new relationship. According to TMZ, the two were seen laughing and taking lots of pictures together. 

They spent some time chatting with comedian, Chris Rock and eventually the model and rapper left together in Kanye West's SUV.