Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are working together

Kanye West has been back on social media with a bang this week. Just in the past few days

the artist shared that the Gap had held a meeting about their collaboration

without hcis presence, released a video of a heated speech he made to the brand's executives, announced

the launch of Yeezy physical stores, mocked the CEO of Adidas, and celebrated the arrival of a Nike sneaker.

Now, in one of his latest posts, Kanye revealed that he is trying to 

help get Young Thug out of prison with the help of his ex-wife, lawyer Kim Kardashian.

The information was leaked when Ye posted a printout of a conversation with A$AP Bari

which said 'we need to get Thug out of jail. Ye replies, 'I just sent that to Kim.