After months of working on his stand-up material following his infamous slap at the 2022

Academy Awards, Chris Rock has made headlines for controversial comedy snippets 

that target everyone from his Oscar foe Will Smith to Nicole Brown Simpson. 

However, the outside noise hasn't stopped the creator of Everybody Hates Chris from living his life.

On Tuesday, Rock was spotted during New York Fashion Week alongside Kanye West for the impromptu

YEEZY party thrown by the rapper. As part of the party, Kanye gave the comedian the opportunity to wear his new YEEZY 

GAP SHDZ sunglasses. Rock happily posed alongside Ye and a number of Yeezy models to show off the new futuristic glasses.

When it comes to promoting his new product, Kanye is doing everything. Recently, he posted dozens

of pictures of his famous friends wearing his new YZY PROTO SHDZ AD V1 sunglasses. From his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and daughter 

North West, to Jordyn Woods and Takeoff were seen wearing the model. A post on the official Instagram 

page read, "YZY PROTO SHDZZ AD V1. this isn't finished yet, but I had to post this now It's just the energy. Turn up the YZY music here"