Johnny Depp suffers from erectile dysfunction, according to Amber Heard. The previously unknown information became public through 

the website Page Six, which had access to the trial documents in which the actor sued his ex-wife, accusing her of defaming him when she said she was a victim of domestic violence.

The publication reported that the actress' lawyers argued that Johnny Depp's sexual impotence may

have helped make the actor an aggressive man and made his behavior violent

"Although Mr. Depp prefers not to disclose his erectile dysfunction condition, such condition is absolutely

relevant to the sexual violence, including Depp's anger and use of a bottle to rape Amber Heard," the March 28 documents alleged.

In the defense team's argument, they claimed that Johnny Depp became "agitated or irritated" when 

being with the woman, in the face of her sexual problem, causing him to resort to drinking.

It is worth remembering that in one of Amber Heard's accounts, she claimed that Johnny Depp raped her with a bottle and threatened to cut her face in a fight that happened in 2015.