Johnny Depp's controversial trial with Amber Heard, his ex-wife, is over, but even today we have situations that remind us of the case. 

The actor of Jack Sparrow tried to use the nudes of the actress in court, to make her uncomfortable. The information is from Entertainment Tonight.

The site had access to some documents released by the U.S. authorities, and shows that there is some unauthorized evidence to be taken into the

process, which judged Depp as the winner. The defamation case was closed in June, and convicted Amber to compensate the actor for 

US$10.35 million (Approximately 500 million Reais), for the accusations of assault and domestic violence. The actor, on the other hand, must pay her $2 Million (Approximately 10 Million Reais).

One part of the document that the publication got access to, from Heard's defense, was "irrelevant personal evidence", meaning that the

nudes would not be taken because they would not add anything to the case. Another "evidence" for Depp would be mentions of the actress as a 

stripper years before she was with the actor.  Another piece laments that Depp wants to use the past maliciously to destroy his ex-wife's image.

On the other side, a document showed that Depp's lawyers barred a mention of the actor's erectile dysfunction problem (Read below). 

The intention was to show the medications he uses to keep his sex life active. Neither of the two has spoken out about the recent controversies.