Hulk Woman: Defender of Heroes is finally among us! After many months of waiting the new Marvel Studios series has finally premiered on Disney Plus.

And along with the new premiere, news and curiosities about this production end up being revealed in interviews during the promotion period of the series.

And one of the doubts that arises most in the minds of fans is whether the Wrecker we will see in 

Marvel's series is the same as the one we saw in his own series on Netflix.So the director of Woman-Hulk: Defender 

of Heroes, Kat Coiro, in an interview with ComicBook, tried to clear up this doubt by stating that everything is "very conscious" and "very planned" regarding the past and future of the Wrecker:

"I don't know if I can talk about it, but it's very conscious and it's very planned. That's all I can say."

Series screenwriter Jessica Gao, meanwhile, made it clear that the series has managed to use its

own version of the Blaster that "becomes a little different from [his] series [on Netflix]."

"We were like, 'This is our version,' and it's true for any character. Like all the characters 

we used that existed in the MCU, it gets to be a little different in our show, because you see them

in very dramatic roles, like these big high-pressure, high-risk situations. But in our show, because our show is more of a slice of life, they can take a break from that."