Will Smith is set to return for the sequel to I Am Legend alongside Michael B. Jordan, which avoids the classic Will Smith sequel mistake.

I Am Legend 2is avoiding a major Will Smith sequel mistake, and it's better for it. Will Smith

doesn't return to every movie sequel, but surprisingly, he is for this one. 

On top of that, I Am Legend 2 will pair Smith with Michael B. Jordan for the first time. 

In doing so, we hope to avoid a problem that has plagued the sequels to Will Smith's blockbusters.

Smith and Jordan will serve as producers of the film, which means they will have a certain

amount of influence over how the film is made. This is a smart move for the sequel to the 2007 original I Am Legend as 

the duo's films have grossed over $12 billion at the box office combined. It would have been

easy for Will Smith not to return for the sequel and pass the torch to someone new, given

the alternate ending to I am Legendamas the fact that he is-and with Michael B. Jordan no less-makes it that much more exciting.