Hunter x Hunter in which episode Gon becomes

The moment when the young man's frustration 

finally reaches its limit and he takes out all his frustration on 

the character who stole him from a dear friend is one of 

the most anticipated by fans during the Chimera Ants arc, but when does it happen?

After all the build up to the Chimera Ants arc, with several

epic fights, we finally end up arriving at the episode where Gon goes to face Pitou.

This moment takes a considerable

amount of time, so much so that it doesn't even happen in the 1999 anime, only in the 2011 one.

In this case, the episode in which Gon transforms

to face Pitou is episode number 131, Rage and Light.

In this moment, Gon uses all of his Nen potential so that his body would reach a 

state where he could defeat Pitou, and that is exactly what 

happens, with him crushing his opponent without her even having a chance to react.