Hunter x Hunter creator shares disturbing message

Yoshihiro Togashi is one of the most famous creators of manga, among 

his main works are Yu Yu Hakusho and 

Hunter x Hunter, which are one of the great successes of the Shonen genre.

However, Togashi faces some health problems that prevent him from

working continuously on a manga, which makes him take 

long breaks between his productions, and consequently 

postponing several times the releases of Hunter x Hunter.

According to ComicBook, Togashi shared a brief update on 

chapter 399 of Hunter x Hunter, as well as some worrying news about his health condition.

"My health hasn't improved, so I've decided to spend most of my time taking care of 

myself. Chapter 399, I'm giving my assistants advice on background 

effects. I made a painting. I can't put any strength in my right hand and I'm in pain."