It seems that not everything is pretty in the Kardashian-West house, and between the couple there are also

quarrels about the public image they offer to the world. Kim Kardashian has gone on the Ellen Degeneres show and confessed that her husband, rapper Kanye West is not very happy about the photos she uploads nude or partially nude.

The confession came just when the presenter asked her about a photo in which she is seen cooking in 

her underwear in her kitchen. "I was actually making some brownies and a birthday cake for my friend," the TV

star recounted and argued, "That outfit was probably what I had on under my sports outfit, but sometimes you have to do some things just for Instagram."

As the Kardashian's middle sister explained, every social network requires a picture of her, and apparently, Instagram is the one she uses to upload

her most striking photos, and of course, her naked ones are the ones that get the most likes and repercussion. "You know what I mean, we did a little 

photo shoot for Instagram, but it doesn't mean I was cooking dressed like that," clarified the Kardashian, who has 120 million followers on the social network.

A comment that DeGeneres used to joke, "Sure, I get your point.... Because you could get burned." Moment in which Kim dropped the bomb, "Or get in trouble with my husband sometime

for posting a lot of pictures like that," Kim added and admitted that the rapper does not like some of her publications.