Still, DC fans have a complaint, but it has nothing to do with the actor, but rather that Warner has bet too little on the

work of Henry Cavill as Superman, who has not done anything else as the character since 2017, the year that Justice League debuted.

It is believed that the star himself is also dissatisfied, so much so that in the last month rumors

began circulating that Cavill is in negotiations to leave DC and go to Marvel. But for which character?

Previously the rumors pointed out that the actor was negotiating to play Hyperion, one of Marvel's most powerful

characters and leader of the Ultimate Squadron, a group that will apparently make its debut in Loki season 2.

But now journalist Grace Randolph, who confirmed that Henry Cavill is negotiating with Marvel, has also denied

that the character is Hyperion. However the journalist commented that the characters offered by Marvel are all very interesting options for the actor.