Harry Styles performance makes crew cry on set

Promoting "Don't Worry, Dear," actress and director Olivia Wilde

revealed that Harry Styles moved the entire crew.

during filming. According to her, the film features a scene in which 

"It's a strange scene, full of fascist references and a disturbing

amount of male rage. The scene required him to stand on stage with

Frank (Chris Pine) and chant his scary slogan 'Whose world is it? Ours!" 

"He was so focused in the moment that he started shouting his lines

repeatedly. Dark as hell. But Harry took it to another level," Olivia Wilde tells Rolling Stone magazine.

to the crowd in this primal roar that was much more intense than

anything we expected from the scene. The cameraman followed him

as he paced the stage like some kind of wild animal. We were all awestruck by the

monitor. I think even Harry was surprised by it. Those are the best

moments for an actor - when you are completely out of your body," details the director.