Fans criticize Sam Levinson after Barbie Ferreira departure from Euphoria

The actress Barbie Ferreira communicated last Wednesday (24), through her

Instagram account, that she will no longer be in the cast of "Euphoria" from the third season. 

Shortly after, fans have already put the name of Sam Levinson, creator of 

the series, in the most talked about subjects on Twitter

blaming him for the departure of the interpreter of Kat.

Criticizing the filmmaker a lot, fans even compared him 

to Walcyr Carrasco, and lamented Ferreira's departure.

In an emotional text,Barbie Ferreira said goodbye to the character and declared her love for the role of Kat.

"After four years of living this very special and enigmatic character that is Kat, I have to

say a very sad goodbye. I hope many saw themselves in her as I did and seeing her 

journey to who she is today brought you joy. I put a lot of care and love into 

her and I hope you felt that. Love you, Katherine Hernandez," the actress wrote in the post.