On the outside, Kim Kardashian, who doesn't seem to regret anything she has done, has one 

regret that she wished she hadn't. The reason for that regret is not the special images that appeared in time.

You may remember the song and video of Kim's Jam (Turn It Up) , who tried to break into the music world in 2011 . Here is Kim's biggest regret is her disappointing music experience.

I think we should all be happy that Kim, who opened her love life with Michael Jackson's nephew Tito Joe Jackson, has finally found absolute happiness with Kanye West.

Did you know that today, when the Hermes Birkin bag is considered more lucrative than investing in the purse, Kim

Kardashian uses this special $150,000 bag as a diaper bag? We even testified that he paints that bag from time to time.

Kim loves transparency not only in her private life, but also in her clothes. The fact that she doesn't wear panties unless she has to, must be due to her taste for transparency.

Every detail, every detail about Kim Kardashian's private life has been shared with the press.

There is not a single moment when we do not infiltrate the Kardashians' lives thanks to social media. 

In this multitude of information, there is only one page in Kim's life that has not been clarified, that we cannot illuminate: the theft of Paris .