Ezra Miller is 'nice', but 'needs a serious intervention

About to turn 30 years old, Ezra Miller has been involved in several controversies and, with that, has

put the success of some of his films in check. According to director Mary Harron, who worked with

the actor on the set of Dalíland, however, Miller will not be removed from the Salvador Dalí feature, since "nothing bad happened" during the filming of the movie.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, which also published previously unseen images from the production, Harron revealed

details about the behind-the-scenes of the feature, stating that he thought of Ezra Miller from the beginning of the production. 

In Dalíland, then, the actor plays the younger version of the renowned Salvador Dalí, while Ben Kingsley lives the painter at an older age.

According to the director, the film has already been finalized, and at no point during recording did Ezra Miller show

problematic behavior. "It could have been different, especially if we were filming, if there was bad behavior during 

the recording. But all that happened after the film was shot, edited and mixed. Nothing bad happened during our filming," stated the director.

Using neutral pronouns to talk about Ezra - who identifies as non-binary - Mary Harron also made it clear that she 

does not agree with any of the accusations against the actor. This is because, in addition to the older controversies, Miller was recently accused of theft.