Season 3 of Euphoria will focus on the fates of the characters after 

high school graduation, Zendaya revealed in a new interview with THR. The actress and producer revealed her expectations for year 3.

"I think it's going to be exciting to explore what happens to them after school.

I want to see how Rue is going to deal with her sobriety journey, how chaotic

that's going to be. But with the other characters as well: I want to see how they figure out what 

they want to do with their lives after graduation, what kind of people they want to be," she commented.

Zendaya further pointed out that the most special aspect of Season 2 

was that it "delved into the characters in a much deeper way." "I think we can do that again 

in the third year. We have a lot of talent in our cast, so we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to shine," she added.