The imbroglio involving Twitter and Elon Musk is still far from over (with the next official chapter scheduled

for October this year in the courts) and the South African billionaire may be preparing a new rival 

for the birther network. On Twitter itself, Musk posted something that leaves in the air the possibility of a new social network of his own, ""

In a Twitter conversation, a follower asked Musk about creating his own social network, since 

it seems that the deal with Twitter might not go through. Without giving too many details, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX only replied "".

Elon Musk announced on July 14, 2017 the acquisition of the "" domain.

"Excited to announce the launch of!" the entrepreneur wrote at the time. "He's a bit prolix 

right now, but it will be fixed tomorrow," he continued wryly when talking about the site whose only 

content is a letter X and which appears to have been made using nothing but a notepad.