Elon Musk, famous billionaire, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has mentioned more than once that he is a fan of games.

In an American podcast known as "Full Send", when asked directly if he is considering joining the 

console market (with big names such as Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony), Musk was simple and objective in his answer: "no".

Developing his point a little further, the entrepreneur added that "consoles right now are basically all PCs.

" He concluded by saying that he is "not sure if there is any value to be offered in this market," 

which is known to be highly competitive. Asked if he was playing anything, Musk again mentioned 

Elden Ring, one of this year's most acclaimed titles, released by FromSoftware for old and current generation platforms as well as PC.

A few months ago, Elon Musk shared on his Twitter profile a bit about his 

fondness for the game, and even said that "it is the most beautiful art" he has ever seen.