Elon Musk has a reputation for being very disruptive on Twitter. The strongman of 

Tesla uses this social network to present not only his ideas, but also to ask for help from users.

It was precisely in this network that a very discreet answer from Elon Musk appeared, and it 

could mean a lot. According to him, he had taken a giant step by downloading his brain into the cloud.

This is a story that has many strange outlines and will certainly raise many questions. However, it was Elon Musk himself

who revealed it, albeit in the same register as he has done other times, in much more complicated situations. 

He talks about the possibility of downloading a brain into a robot and how he apparently has already done it.

With Neuralink actively working on ways to link the human brain to machines, this scenario just described may not seem strange.

What seems unlikely is to have already happened, in view of what is known to be being accomplished.