Dua Lipa hinted at her third album in an interview with Vogue Australia (via Music Nation). 

The successor to the acclaimed Future Nostalgia (2020) is expected to be freer and 

more mature, and is already 50 percent finished, according to the singer.

"As I write the album, I feel freer in a completely different way. I'm much more in control than I imagined," Dua pointed out.

When answering about what that means, the artist stressed the importance of independence

as a woman in the music industry, "Freedom, especially as a woman, is being able

to take matters into your own hands, having control over what you believe in. Really having a voice."

The third project of her career is expected to address the arrival of maturity, which 

Dua Lipa is proud of and is not afraid to comment on, "I've definitely grown up. In everything

musically, in themes, I've matured. I'm not afraid to talk about everything, I'm understanding what I really want."