The British star Dua Lipa, who performed a great show on the last night of Rock In Rio, gave 

an interview to Vogue Australia to talk about the conception of her next album, the third of her career.

Lipa said that her next work will address current social issues, mainly about women's

freedom: "Freedom, especially as a woman, means being able to take things into 

your own hands, to have control over the things you believe in. To really have a voice. 

This is a very important time to talk about things that are important to us.

And that's why it's important for me, with my platform, to do that as much as I can," said the 27-year-old singer.

Still talking about the making of her new album, Dua Lipa said that she feels freer to write 

the songs in the studio: "While I'm writing my new album, I feel even freer in a completely different way. And even more in control than I thought I was.