Dua Lipa heats up networks by posting bikini pics

Dua Lipa is practically 'levitating' while enjoying a well-deserved rest with her sister and a squadron of friends.

The 26-year-old English singer left her fans simply delighted with her various bikini shots published this weekend.

The artist published two photo albums to show her moments of leisure, both alone and with her friends.

She published three records in which she looks stunning alongside her sister, model Rina Lipa 

(in a green bikini), and a squadron of beauties. Rina is 21 years old; she and Dua Lipa also have a younger brother, Gjin, 16.

In another album, Dua Lipa decided to show a bit of her solo moments. Some clicks in a bikini and others of food make up the singer's second post this weekend.

In the comments of the clips, fans were mesmerized. "Wonderful people," delighted the internet user.

"Finally a break!", observed the fan attentive to the singer's schedule. "How beautiful my life is, I love you," declared an admirer.

Dua Lipa is on her 'Future Nostalgia' world tour. On the 10th she performed in Budapest, Hungary.

Now, however, she is enjoying an interesting time of rest, since she will not resume her concerts until next month.