Although she is already a singer, songwriter and even a model from time to time, on Friday, Dua Lipa added 

another award to her list. "Yesterday afternoon I was awarded the title of Honorary Ambassador of Kosovo by our Madam 

President #VjosaOsmani," she. wrote on Twitter. "It is an honor and privilege to be able to represent my country around 

the world and continue my work and efforts globally to see that we make our mark... and make a difference," she continued.

Kosovo is Lipa's hometown - a young state in the middle of the Balkans that declared its independence

from Serbia in 2008 (although Serbia has yet to recognize it as an independent state). It is also the home of the Sunny

Hill Music Festival, originally founded by Lipa's father and manager, Dukagjin Lipa. Sunny Hill debuted in 2019, featuring

artists such as Miley Cyrus, Martin Garrix, and Calvin Harris, who brought large amounts of publicity to this small region. This year's festival is underway and will continue through August 8.

Since its inception, Lipa's father said he has seen the festival covered in over 500 outlets, finally giving the Republic of

Kosovo some of the recognition it deserves, per Advertising Panel. And, of course, Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu, president of Kosovo, agrees. "The Future 

Nostalgia tour sent waves in the music industry and the world, and you continue to make us immensely proud of your successes," Osmani-Sdriu wrote in a letter to Lipa, also posted on Twitter.