With each work released, Drake (stage name Aubrey Drake Graham) establishes himself as one 

of the greatest artists of his time. With Honestly, Nevermind (2022), the rapper's seventh studio

album, the Canadian musician explored new elements and became the first artist in history to place 100 hits in the Billboard Hot 100 Top 20.

In a conversation with Nicki Minaj on the return episode of Queen Radio, the rapper talked about the possibility of retiring soon. When 

asked about his future in the music industry, Drake is modest and also says that he is reaching a 'new level'.

I'm not at that point where I consider it an option. I've reached a new comfort level where I want

to try things out. Like this last album, I released something that I wanted to do to challenge myself.

Drake still expressed feeling the 'usual nervousness' even after an 11-year career as a singer, producer

and actor in the entertainment industry. "One of the best feelings I have in my life is completing 

a song or project. And, by the way, those things are painful too. But I feel like I'm reaching for the fun."