After 20 theatrical films and umpteen episodes of various anime series spanning one of the biggest anime franchises in the world, each 

successive installment of "Dragon Ball" will be, as they say, for the fans. "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" - the 21st "Dragon Ball" film, the second 

"Dragon Ball Super" film, and the first to use primarily 3D computer animation - is just that, full of

nostalgia and popcorn fans' favorite characters and villains and power moves that any fan of the long-running saga would want.

That's not to say that "Super Hero" is hostile to newcomers. Hardcore fans will understand what's going on pretty quickly, but there are 

enough clever (and funny!) hints in the first 20 minutes, even for those of us who haven't seen a "Dragon Ball" series in years.

The green-skinned Namekuseijin Piccolo is on Earth helping Gohan, Goku's iconic, intellectual Saiyajin son, teach his daughter Pan the art 

of power-ups, martial arts and flying kicks. His training is interrupted by the arrival of an android who claims to be a superhero

sent by the new and improved Red Ribbon Army to eliminate all alien threats on the planet. The "superheroes" in Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 jumpsuits were created by little

Dr. Hedo, grandson of the villainous Dr. Gero, who now works with Red Ribbon leaders Commander Magenta and Staff Officer Carmine, whose car is equipped with a curved sun visor to accommodate his huge mop of hair.