Like Loki and Spider-Man: Homeless, Doctor Strange 2 is also another Marvel production that explores

the multiverse, which has become synonymous with surprises and special appearances.

And since June the Marvel movie has arrived for free on Disney+, respecting the 45-day window

established by Mickey's studio, but without much bonus material, such as the long-awaited deleted scenes.

And one of the scenes that fans know was eventually dropped from the film was a confrontation between 

Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) from Earth-616, a scene that would have opened the film.

And now artist Jimmy Simser has posted on his Instagram revealed a storyboard of the scene, which would feature the Scarlet Witch ripping Mordo's head 

off and then sending it to Doctor Strange.The artist also talked about this specific moment that there would be in Doctor Strange 2:

"About what happened to the Mordo from Universe 616? Well, until very late in the process, THAT is what 

would happen to him! It's always interesting to be involved while the story is still being refined. Who knows what Mordo's ultimate fate could be? Not me, after all, SCENES OF HIM DO NOT COUNT!".