Current Liquid Swords studio leader and Avalanche Studios co-founder Christofer Sundberg has revealed that the Iron Man game was cancelled in 2012 due to Disney's demands and pressure!

The game would have an open-world theme and had been in production for over two years, but Disney's unreasonable demands caused it to be cancelled.

In an interview with MinnMax, Sundberg said that Disney executives pressured the studio to speed up the game's development.

They wanted them to complete the title in a much shorter time than planned, which led to a riot, where the numbers of employees, their pay, and the responsible practices of the company were hotly debated.

The leader of Liquid Swords, said that the studio would have gone broke, had they accepted Disney's demands:

"To shorten the development time, increase the budget, we would have had to hire 70 or 80 people for the team, which I would have had

the responsibility of finding a new project. But the production time was reduced so much, it was impossible to do it. It would have broken the studio if we had agreed to that."

Should the studio accept, the release estimate for the title would be reduced by one year. However, for a game as big as Iron Man

would be, it was somewhat impossible. Still, Sundberg praised the game, saying that it could have been a very good game.

He revealed some details of its gameplay, and apparently the player could simply take off and fly anywhere

on the map, and could destroy the scenery with laser beams. Hand-to-hand combat would be the big focus of the title, with a tough design for every fight.