Demi Lovato promises to open her heart and tell details of difficult moments she experienced in the documentary series "Dancing With 

The Devil", which will be released on YouTube on March 23 and will feature four episodes. The 28-year-old 

singer advanced to The New York Times some of the issues she will address in the series and revealed that in 2018, a drug dealer who was her

heroin supplier "sexually assaulted her and left her on the verge of death" during a night when she overdosed. Demi also told how she lost her virginity at 

15 after being raped by her then-boyfriend, an actor she preferred not to reveal his name. At the time, the singer was becoming known for starring in the Disney Channel hit "Camp Rock" (2008).

"I lost my virginity in a rape. I called the person [the ex-boyfriend] a month later and tried to fix things by showing that I was in control, and all I did 

was just make myself feel worse," said the artist, who began to blame herself for not being able to leave that relationship. 

Demi said that after Rihanna's bruised photos of a fight with her ex-boyfriend, singer Chris Brown, were leaked to the media, she was afraid to expose herself. 

"I was very uncomfortable with the idea of having my story exposed in the press and thinking that people might not believe me."