Close to releasing her eighth album, Demi Lovato gave an interview to Spotify's Spout Podcast about her

new projects, her return to the rock genre and her childhood on TV, even making a special mention to Selena Gomez, with whom she acted in the past.

Recalling the beginning of her career on Barney and His Friends, Demi fondly recalled the whole experience:

"I had a great time, I was taping a TV show with my best friend [Selena] and it was so much fun.

"We all got along really well and had some amazing times. Often the fun was homeschooling together, as well

as good, innocent childhood memories," Demi said of what it was like to work as a child on such a famous children's project.

There was nostalgia, but there was also news about her future, see? "I've never closed the door on any genre of music, I'm just dedicating myself to a different one [rock].

What I worked on in the past - pop, R&B pop - is not something I planned to do again," she said. "I don't know what the future plans for me, but I know it's not my pop music anymore."