Demi Lovato is one of the biggest music icons of all time, being well known for several hits such as

"Tell Me You Love Me" and "Heart Attack," and is promoting the singles from her next studio album, "HOLY FVCK.

As for her love life, the artist has had several affairs throughout her life, the last one being with 

Max Ehrich, to whom she got engaged. The relationship came to an end in September

2020, with their courtship beginning in March of the same year, and their engagement four months later.

However, this would be changing according to new information from the international 

press, whose reports indicate that the singer is with a new love in her life.

"It's a very happy and healthy relationship. He is a super nice guy," a source told People

magazine. The identity of the boy was not revealed, only the fact that he is a musician just like Demi Lovato.