Today is rock day, baby! After much waiting, much anxiety, and also much disclosure, was released on 

major digital platforms this Friday (19) the long-awaited new album from Demi Lovato! Entitled "HOLY

FVCK", the album has 16 tracks in total and special appearances by YUNGBLOOD on "Freak", Royal & The Serpent on

"Eat Me", and also Dead Sara on "Help Me". Without further ado, listen to the full album in the player below:

"'Holy Fvck' takes me back to my roots. It's a body of work that I am unapologetic

about, and I can't wait to perform my tour for you," Demi Lovato wrote on Instagram.

In an interview with MTV Argentina, the singer said that the new album revolves around three themes:

anger, empowerment and love. Interesting, isn't it? Another factor is that it represents a cycle passage for her life and career.

"It starts in a very angry way, it goes on to become about feeling empowered and

then then there are songs about love. So it's an arc between feeling angry, empowered and happy," defines the artist.