In an interview with a beauty and wellness portal, the socialite said that a friend recommended that she get a filler because the right side of her face was "too straight" from sleeping on it all the time.

When she was young, Kris Jenner's third daughter stole her mother's car to drive some friends around town.

The model was an SUV style, i.e. a big car. Luckily, Khloé learned to drive when she was only 13.

Speaking of cars, Khloé was 16 when she had a serious accident. She went through the windshield of the vehicle she was in after a collision, which caused her to suffer a concussion that left sequelae.

As a result, she currently has serious memory problems, and has publicly admitted that she hates the fact that she has forgotten part of her childhood.

Because she was bullied in class, the younger sister of Kourtney and Kim Kardashian asked her 

mother to let her leave school and study at home. Another reason she chose to homeschool was that her older sisters were already out of school.

Another related curiosity is that Khloé felt she was going the wrong way with her friendships.

So she finished her studies at home and, at 17, graduated from high school with honors and excellent grades.

Even those who believe in love at first sight may be amazed by the relationship between Khloé

Kardashian and basketball player Lamar Odom. The two took about a month between meeting and getting married in 2009.

Unfortunately, things didn't go well, and after numerous cheating and drug problems on Odom's part, the two separated in 2013 - but didn't sign a divorce until 2016.