The comedian Chris Rock spoke for the first time about the slap he received from actor Will Smith during the

Academy Awards ceremony this Sunday (27). In a stand-up comedy performance in Boston, in the United States, on Wednesday (30), Rock said he is still "processing what happened".

According to CNN, dressed in white, Chris Rock was cheered by the audience with a round of applause that 

lasted a few minutes. Emotional, he asked, "how was your weekend?" "I don't have much

to say about the case, so if you came here for that...". He paused and continued:

"I wrote a whole presentation before this weekend. I'm still processing

what happened, and at some point I'm going to talk about this m****.

It will be serious. It will be funny. But right now, I'm going to tell some jokes."

He then continued the show, called the "Ego Death Tour". Also, according to "CNN", after the Oscars, the show 

had a higher demand for tickets. The two shows scheduled for this Wednesday were sold out.