Will Smith may have publicly apologized to Chris Rock after slapping him in the face during the 2022 Academy

Awards, but that doesn't mean the comedian wants to have a frank conversation with the actor. At least not right now. A source commented that Rock is running out of time for drama with Smith.

In an exclusive conversation with US Weekly magazine, the source commented, "Chris has no immediate plans to have a face-to-face with Will... He's moving forward," he said.

So far Chris Rock has not directly addressed the assault he suffered, although he has made some references in his stand-up routines following the incident.

He recently commented, "Anyone says words hurt, but it's because they've never been punched in the face," he joked. An audience member at 

one of his shows also revealed that the comedian referred to the Bad Boys star as "Suge Smith," an apparent reference to Death Row Records CEO

Suge Knight, who is in jail for manslaughter.A second source revealed to the magazine that Will Smith only recorded the video apology because

wife Jada Pinkett-Smith pressured him to do so and put a stone in the matter after so many months.

"It was just the thing to close the loop (...) Jada was pressuring Will to apologize because it's become 

a really dark cloud over his Red Table Talk series [his Facebook Watch interview show]."