They are successful in show business, are on magazine covers and have millions of followers on social networks. The Kardashian-Jenner

family has created a true entertainment empire, licensing various products and starring the reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians".

And those who see the fitness of the sisters must imagine that they all have the same care with food. However, the diets followed by each one are totally different. Find out more, below!

The most famous member of the family, eight months after giving birth to her second son, Saint, lost 32 kg by adopting the Atkins diet, which increases

the consumption of protein and fats, restricting carbohydrates and sugars. With the maximum intake value at 1600 calories a day, Kim invests in lean proteins, such as chicken breast fillet, grilled fish, cheese and eggs.

The famous lady reveals that she doesn't have many restrictions in her diet: the secret to keep her shape is to exercise almost every day, with the

help of a personal trainer. The blonde highlights that she eats whatever she wants, but in controlled portions and also drinks five liters of water a day.

The mother of Mason, Penelope and Reign only eats organic food, which is more nutritious and helps to avoid health problems caused by the ingestion

of toxic chemicals. She opted for this lifestyle after discovering that she has allergies to dairy products and gluten, items that have also been removed from her diet.