Charles III takes over the British throne also as head of state of 14 nations outside the United Kingdom - 19 fewer 

than his mother, Elizabeth II, led in 1952, when she was proclaimed queen. The premier of Antigua and Barbuda 

signaled this weekend that he intends to hold a referendum to make it a republic, in another indication

of the growing movement among these countries to keep their distance from the Royal Household.

That is what Barbados, an island country of 300,000 inhabitants in the Caribbean, did last November when it severed

ties with the British monarchy after four centuries. Then Prince of Wales, Charles was present at the 

ceremony that promoted the Queen's representative, Sandra Mason, from Governor-General to President 

of the new republic. It was the first time in almost 30 years, after the island of Mauritius, that a kingdom had chosen to remove the British monarchy from the head of state.