Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are fighting again, but this time it's just with subliminals on social media.

The fighting started on Friday, when Nicki Minaj released her new song Super Freaky Girl. 

The fighting started on Friday, when Nicki Minaj releNicki has released a couple of songs recently, but 

they didn't do as well as expected. So Cardi's fans were hoping that Nicki's new song would not be a success. 

They asked the Queens rapper what she thought about the song, and she threw a subtle subliminal at Nicki - telling Nicki's fans to "go stream" the song.ased her new song Super Freaky Girl.

It turns out that Super Freaky Girl is a huge hit and has been breaking some records. The success is so 

great that the track broke the one-day streaming record on Spotify, causing Nicki Minaj to take to social media and subliminally 

'Super Freaky Girl' surpassed Cardi B's "UP" and Doja Cat's "Ain't Shit" and became the fastest solo song by a female rapper to pass

10 million streams on Spotify. According to new predictions, Nicki Minaj may reach the top of Billboard with the 

song. If confirmed, it will be the first time the rapper has reached the top of the charts with a solo song. The song has received 4.1 million streams in the United States since its release and +8 million on Spotify Global.