Cardi B rebuts MMA fighter who compared her to Andrew Tate

Cardi B does not let any attack go unnoticed. Last week, she 

spoke out about being used for "marketing plans" 

without being paid and threatened to leak DMs. 

Now, Cardi has some things to say to MMA fighter Jake Shields. 

Shields took to Twitter to comment on misogynistic influencer 

Andrew Tate being banned from social media platforms and felt the need to involve Cardi in his rant.

"People are freaking out about boys looking at Andrew Tate, but

totally fine with girls looking at Cardi B and the Kardashians," Shields wrote. 

"Tate's main message is to stop being lazy and making 

excuses and go work hard, get in shape and make money," said the hotly contested athlete.