Tweets ridiculing Amber Heard and her supporters during and after the defamation trial against Johnny Depp resulted in "one 

of the worst cases of cyberbullying and cyberstalking by a group of Twitter accounts." That's according to a report released yesterday 

(18) by Bot Sentinel, a company that studies online disinformation and harassment campaigns on social networks.

The nonpartisan Bot Sentinel group studied more than 14,000 tweets using the hashtags #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser, #AmberHeardIsALiar, #AmberHeardLsAnAbuser, and #AmberHeardLsALiar

. They noted that "the intentional misspelling demonstrates a calculated effort to manipulate hashtag trends" and was done to "fool Twitter's algorithms."

There were 627 accounts dedicated to tweeting "exclusively" about Heard and her supporters.

More than 24% of the accounts tweeting and using negative hashtags about Heard were created in the past seven months; "the average for other topics is 8.6%," the Bot Sentinel reported.

Heard and the women who have tweeted in her support have been "attacked relentlessly," often with "vulgar and threatening language." Bot Sentinel detailed 

one case in which someone created a fake account using photos of the deceased son of a Heard supporter to attack him and also harassed that person's family members.