K-Pop domination! BTS continues to show its full potential on digital platforms. 

And this time, after a series of broken records, the South Korean group has reached another milestone 

in its musical trajectory. The boygroup has become nothing less than the most

watched musical act in the history of YouTube. The fact was consolidated this Friday (12).

Adding up all the views on the official BTS channel, the visuals count no less than more than 26,737.2 

billion plays in clips, performances and all the band's available content on the video platform. It's views that never end!

Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran now hold the records for second and third on the list, respectively, with over 26 billion views each.

Currently, BTS' most viewed videos are the MVs for "Boy With Luv," "Dynamite," and "DNA," which have over 1.4 billion views. Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry round out the Top 5 list.