This August, BTS broke the record for the largest channel of a male artist on the YouTube 

platform. With a 9-year career, the K-Pop group surpassed the 70 million subscribers 

mark on their official BANGTANTV channel, a feat never accomplished by any male artist.

Until now, only the female K-Pop group BLACKPINK had reached 70 million 

subscribers on the platform, a feat achieved in November last year.

Previously, the top spot was held by Justin Bieber, who currently has 69.8 million

subscribers. However, the Canadian now finds himself in third position on the list of.

Last week, BTS also overtook Bieber and took over as the artist with the most views

in YouTube history. The K-Pop group is now in first place on the list with more than 26.7 billion views on their videos, including official clips and dance videos.