Brain chip announced by Elon Musk may not make it

The chip that Neuralink is developing is about the size .

of a coin and would be embedded in the skull of patients. 

The equipment is made up of a series of tiny 

"tentacles", about 20 times thinner than a 

human hair, which spread out in the brain

The wires are equipped with 1,024 electrodes

capable of monitoring brain activity and, theoretically, 

electrically stimulating the brain. The data 

obtained is transmitted to computers where it can be accessed by researchers.

This latest piece of equipment has caught the attention of the 

medical community, who point out that one of its features 

automatically adjusts the needle to compensate for the movement of a patient's brain. 

This would solve an obstacle of neurosurgeries: the 

organ moves during the procedure along with the patient's breathing and heartbeat.