Actor Brad Pitt is betting big to continue his lawsuit against his ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

This time, he has turned to a private detective to find the Russian oligarch who allegedly bought the actress' share in one of his businesses.

The lawsuit began after she sold her stake in a successful winery owned by the couple. 

The sale would have been illegal, since both agreed that they could never make a deal without first agreeing to it.

However, it seems that Angelina did not respect the clause, and 

passed her share to a famous businessman in the liquor industry, Yuri Shefler. According

to Brad, the move was meant to hurt her reputation and compromise the company's name.

"She sold her stake with the knowledge and intent that Yuri and his team would attempt 

to take control of the business that Brad had dedicated himself to, thus undermining his investment in Miraval," said one of the excerpts from the lawsuit.