After the big success the bookmakers had with the bet on whether or not Snoop Dogg 

would smoke a joint during the Super Bowl show, now it was the turn of a bet related to Kim Kardashian to make success. 

Online casinos are now allowing gamblers to bet on Kim Kardashian's next boyfriend after 

the celebrity broke up with boyfriend Pete Davidson after 9 months of dating. A betting slip shows Kim Kardashian's 

possible boyfriend and a few celebrities were spotted on the list. The post was shared on

Twitter by @gossipofthecitytea with the caption, "Online casinos will let you bet on Kim Kardashian's next boyfriend."

Names like Drake, Eminem, Ray-J and Kanye West appear on the list, but the name given as the most likely is that

of journalist Van Jones. He is responsible for Kardashian's recent interest in politics and a career 

in law, and the bookmaker believes Kim should hook up with someone steeped in the political news cycle like CNN commentator Jones. 

He even introduced Kardashian to his mentor Jessica Jackson, a lawyer and prison reform advocate, and credits Jones for believing her on her path to becoming a lawyer.