Billie Eilish recalled about her fear of going in public spaces before fame in a chat with Fitzy & Wippa on Australia's Nova network.

"I don't go out... I used to go out and walk around and do things, and I don't

do that as much, because life is a little different. I was afraid to go out because I was 

worried, but I'm more relaxed about it. I'm more comfortable now, so I've been doing

more things, but I've also been busy. We were in New Zealand and we went on a bike ride. 

I've been getting out more in the last couple of years," said Billie, confirmed as a headliner for Lollapalooza 2023 .

The interpreter of "Happier Than Ever" also took the moment to tell about an important

event in her career that left her on the verge of nervousness. According to the 

singer, it happened when she met King Charles and he came to talk to 

her on the night of the premiere of "007 - No Time to Die", movie for which he made the theme song.