Singer Billie Eilish has revealed how she became more outgoing after worldwide 

fame. In the period in which she began to stand out in the industry

she was "afraid to leave the house," but gradually overcomes this obstacle.

During an interview with Nova Network, the owner of "Happier Than Ever" told how she

found it difficult to go out in public. "I was afraid to go out, because I was just worried," 

she stated. "I've been going out more in the last two years, I'm more relaxed about it [and] I'm more comfortable."

In addition, the artist explained how this change in routine came about because of her busy

schedule - and cited a recent bike ride in New Zealand. In 2021, Billie Eilish admitted to the LA Times how she "hated going out" and "hated going to events."

I hated the internet for having a bunch of eyes on me. I just wanted to do teenage me***. [Pandemic allowed me] 

to do some self-reflection [that] I never had time for, and I reflected on fame and how it affected me.