Charles the 3rd, but ended up breaking etiquette rules when it came 

to meeting him. The singer came face to face with the monarch when he was still a prince, at the release of 007: No Time to Die (2021).

Billie performed the theme song from the latest film featuring Daniel Craig as the world's

most famous spy, and explained that in order to be reunited with the royal family, she did all kinds of preparation.

"I was ready to take a bow. I was ready not to shake hands.

I was ready not to ask questions and not to speak unless I was spoken to. 

And I was so worried about that," she told in an interview with Australia's Nova FM radio station.

The artist said it was a moment of anguish, as she was focused on following all the protocols

expected when standing in front of King Charles 3rd, Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton. 

However, the nervousness of the situation subsided once she met them and realized how friendly they were.