Released on Friday, 29, the new album from singer Beyoncé, Renaissance, drew praise from critics, but a

song aroused the fury of the British by the use of an offensive word there, but with another 

connotation in the United States. In the song Heated, Beyoncé used the term "spaz," which in the 

U.S. means something like "freak out" or "lose your mind," but in the U.K. is a capacious slur aimed at people with cerebral palsy.

 The insult was heavily criticized by Hannah Diviney, an Australian writer and advocate for people

with disabilities, in an article published in the British newspaper The Guardian.

The author had already criticized the singer Lizzo months ago, who also used the same word in the song Grrrls.

After the controversy, Lizzo changed the lyrics of the song and publicly apologized for the usage saying 

that she never meant to use derogatory language. "I thought we had changed the music industry 

and started a global conversation about why capacious language - intentional or not - has no place in music," Diviney wrote.